To mark the 50th anniversary of the Burgenlaendische Gemeinschaft, a special pin and the Festschrift had been available at the events of the festival week in Guessing.
If you did not have the chance to get one there, you can order both online now .

The Festschrift which is in both English and German is for free, you just have to cover the shipping costs.  

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BG membership dues for 2007
  This Item includes just the BG membership dues for 2007!
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13.- €


Pin "Burgenländische Gemeinschaft 1956-2006"
   (~1" or 28 mm in diameter, solid metal, enameled,
    with the new BG logo - including the official Burgenland emblem)

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5.- €

2 copies "Festschrift 50 years BG"
   (32 pages,  in both German and English)
Price  *)
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0.- €
8.- €
   (The shipping costs are the same for one or for two copies!)  

6 copies "Festschrift 50 years BG"
   (32 pages,  in both German and English)
Price  *)
0.- €
12.50 €
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but it will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

BG membership package for "New BG-members"
 This Item includes the BG membership dues for new members!
 (Internet registration with our Online registration form)
     1 copy "Festschrift 50 years BG" free
  1 copy of the most recent BG news free
  1 pin "Burgenländische Gemeinschaft 1956-2006"   5,- €
  1 pin "Burgenländische Gemeinschaft"  4.- €
  1 BG Membership dues for 2006+2007 15.- $
priority shipping
15.- €
8.- €

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August 18, 2006