„Miss Brüderschaft der Burgenländer“

New York - „Miss Brüderschaft der Burgenländer 2006“

My name is Jennifer Tuifl and I was very proud to be „Miss Brüderschaft 2006“, when the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft celebrated it’s 50 year anniversary. Now I want to present the crown to my follower Lilliana Baczeski (picture below).
My Oma and Opa have been members of this club for 30 years and every Sunday afternoon as we sit around their supper table, I love to hear stories of their days growing up in Gaas. Because of this I have always been curious about my heritage and even though I have never visited Burgenland, I have always been proud to be a part of this culture.
I plan on visiting Austria to learn first-hand the beauty of Burgenland, to visit with our family members in Neuberg and in Gaas and to represent the club of Bruderschaft der Burgenlander!
I am so very blessed to have been given this opportunity to represent the younger generation of Burgenlanders and I will do my best to represent all the Burgenlanders in the future.
I would like to thank my family for instilling in me the virtues of pride, hard work, honesty and dedication and my Oma and Opa for opening my eyes to the beautiful world of Austria.
Ich bin stolz, eine Burgenländerin zu sein!

Jennifer Tuifl
Brüderschaft der Burgenländer, New York 2006

New York - „Miss Brüderschaft der Burgenländer 2007“

Jennifer Tuifl, „Miss Brüderschaft 2006“ krönt ihre Nachfolgerin die 21jährige Lilliana Baczeski zur „Miss Brüderschaft 2007“. Wir berichten in unserer Zeitung mehr über sie berichten.

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